Free EFT Tapping Group for Fire Related Stress
Tuesday November 21, 7pm 
Downtown Santa Rosa
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Our Big Event Was On
Saturday October 28, 2017
at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa

9am to 5pm
We served 60 clients with full hour long EFT sessions!

See below for our original event page and video:

To help our North Bay community recover from the devastating fires, skilled EFT practitioners are coming together to offer a day of free sessions for first responders, people who've lost their homes, those displaced or newly unemployed, healers and volunteers doing what they can, and anyone reeling from this terrible disaster.  EFT can really help!

  • In shock and can't relax?
  • Stuck in fight or flight?  Easily triggered?
  • Feeling overwhelming feelings of grief and horror?
  • Consumed by anger or fears for the future?
  • Our highly skilled EFT practitioners can help!
  • EFT is a powerful, scientifically proven way of rapidly discharging trapped emotions & finding peace
  • Even one session can help tremendously

We've assembled a crew of awesome volunteer practitioners to work with you one-on-one.  There's no charge.  We are now accepting drop ins.

If you've been having any or all of these feelings, our practitioners may be able to help:

  • survivor's guilt
  • massive anxiety
  • over the top grief
  • inability to relax - it never feels over
  • anger at the failure to warn us Sunday night
  • feeling we're under attack
  • guilt over having needs when others have it so much worse
  • guilt over breathing a sigh of relief when people in Puerto Rico still don't have aid
  • fear around being able to make it financially
  • fear about what will happen to our beloved county
  • physical pains stemming from the crisis
  • feeling numb and isolated emotionally
  • unwarranted shame around still having a home
  • anger at seeing callousness, selfishness, narcissism from people untouched by the disaster
  • overwhelming grief for the Earth

You don't need to have lost your home or been displaced to book a session!
We're here for anyone stressed out by the fires.  

You are welcome to drop in for a session with one of our skilled practitioners and please share widely.  We want to help our community recover!  Sign-up Form is being set up and will be available soon - please check back!  

If you're a qualified EFT practitioner and would like to volunteer, please contact Rob:

Our Venue

The Flamingo Hotel & Conference Center
2777 4th Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95405


Thanks to everyone who donated.  We were able to pay for the room and related expenses!  We'll be donating the rest to the Redwood Credit Union Community Fund.  

This is a Non-Profit Event! 
All of our practitioners and organizers are volunteering their time.
All net proceeds will go to fund the Redwood Credit Union Community Fund to help the victims of the 2017 North Bay fires.

If you'd like immediate relief, try tapping along to this video.   If you're going to watch it, please do tap along.

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Rob Nelson

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